TechDemo Release v0. – Changelog


NEW: MB-Trac tow coupling for Dammann and other attachments has been built in
NEW: MB-Trac: The MB-Trac has a horn now!!

BUG FIX: The radio function now also works outside of vehicles and when leaving vehicles
BUG FIX: CabControl works again for all vehicles
BUG FIX: crash fix in crop growth: there isn’t a crash any longer when the job is still running and the game is being closed
BUG FIX: Sprayer Dammann: doesn’t spray any longer when the spraying arm is folded and has no consumption when standing still
BUG FIX: Sprayer Dammann: Missing CabControl point on support pole was added
BUG FIX: Sprayer Dammann: problem with folding animation was solved
BUG FIX: Sprayer Dammann: the floating object over the sprayer was removed
BUG FIX: Sprayer Dammann: normal attaching possible again after attaching and detaching very fast
BUG FIX: The Arion with an attached Dammann doesn’t swerve back and forth any longer
BUG FIX: Launcher doesn’t crash when the game crashes
BUG FIX: Tasks which are started “directly” are shown in the calendar
BUG FIX: The collision behaviour of the cultivators has been reworked. AI traffic and tractors don’t drive “into” the machines any longer

CHANGE: There’s now the option to deactivate the slider when creating an user action, for example when there’s only an on/off function
CHANGE: The progress display is now rounding up the percentage when finishing a mission
CHANGE: For more clarity: the CabControl nodes which are not in the field of view or which are hidden by a mesh are not displayed any longer
CHANGE: The upper link of the three point hitch is put into zero position when a machine has been detached

Changelog Linux:

BUG FIX: Linux: Game starts normally after download
BUG FIX: No error message when searching for libraries
BUG FIX: Mouse cursor doesn’t skip when assigning keys and switching menus. Assigning keys is possible again.

Cattle and crops

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