Early-Access Community Release v0.1.0.1

With the update v0.1.0.1 we have fixed the story missions. You will find more news, changes and fixes for bugs that you have reported to us, as always in the changelog.
The MBB team wishes you a happy new year!

NEW: “Map switch” button activated in the main menu
NEW: In the message board you can now navigate to the quest menu
NEW: Speedometer stage 1 means working speed of the implement
CHANGE: Launcher installer update
CHANGE: Cancel button added in the player profile selection menu
CHANGE: Navigator color in the MiniMap changed
BUG FIX: Refilling in Seed-, & Fertilize missions
BUG FIX: maize mission can now be completed
BUG FIX: animal selling mission
BUG FIX: Slurry Quest Fix
BUG FIX: Stapel VT 18000 wheels fixed
BUG FIX: missions that require filling a machine also worked with initially filled machines
BUG FIX: Rebell Classic 300 animation fixed

Cattle and crops

Orginal Link: http://www.cattleandcropsmods.com/cattle-and-crops-mods/early-access-community-release-v0-1-0-1/

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